Anchovies Vs Sardines

Anchovies Vs Sardines

Anchovies Vs Sardines

The topic of anchovies vs sardines can bring up quite a debate between nutritional experts, chefs, and families when deciding what to order on the pizza. Both fish are healthy, tasty and can readily be found in most supermarkets. Both can make a wonderful addition to many different meals. So what are the differences to look at in anchovies vs sardines? There are a few fundamental points to consider.

Anchovies vs Sardines: Where are they found?

Both anchovies and sardines are found in Mediterranean waters, which makes them a popular fish in Italy, Greece and other European countries. The anchovy is also found in the Black Sea and in parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, typically near coastal waters. Both are more commonly eaten fresh in Europe, but in most other parts of the world, canned anchovies and sardines are more readily available.

Both fish are small, silvery in color, swim in large schools and are favorite prey fish of many different aquatic species and seafaring birds. They are quick to reproduce and, for fish, have a relatively short life span. It is widely thought that sardines and anchovies may be related families.

Anchovies vs Sardines: Nutritional Content and Value

Anchovies and sardines are both considered oily fish, but that is not a bad thing when it comes to the kind of oils found in both species. Anchovies, sardines and other similar fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and Omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are very healthy and essential to proper nutrition. They are also a wonderful source of protein, are relatively low in calories, and can be a wonderful addition to salads, sauces and other foods. Olive, onion and anchovies pizza is especially popular with many people.

Anchovies tend to be somewhat more salty and strongly flavored than sardines. Anchovy recipes are easily found online and in cookbooks. They can be eaten out of a can, dried, or added to a variety of foods and sauces. Anchovies nutrition specifics, as with sardine nutritional content, can be found listed on the back of cans or jars that the fish are packed in.

Both anchovies and sardines are one of the most popular food fish around the world. No matter if eaten fresh, canned, as a topping or dried, they are enjoyed in many countries and in many cultures. Prepared correctly, each fish can be a delicious addition to many foods.

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