Anchovies Health Benefits

Despite their diminutive size, the anchovies nutrition benefits are in fact—gigantic. Many people have recognized their health importance and through myriad styles of cooking, various anchovy recipes were created. In fact, cultures from different coasts worldwide consider them as one of their staple foods in their diet.

Here are the reasons why anchovies are becoming the world’s healthiest fish food source:

Anchovies nutrition fact # 1: They are rich in protein

With its lean and small structure, a big percentage anchovies’ composition is made of proteins. An anchovy pizza is a great alternative for the traditional, livestock-derived meat ingredient. In fact, because of its nutritional value and distinctive taste, the Anchovy pizza is a growing favorite for both food gourmands and wellness instructors.

Anchovies nutrition fact # 2: Eating anchovies make your heart healthier

Equipped with Omega-3, this fish does good work for the heart. Several research studies have suggested that Omega 3 compounds have anti-inflammatory properties and could help in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Aside from anchovies, another fish—the sardines—are also rich in this compound. Some find it hard to distinguish one fish from another. Between the two of them, the anchovies vs. the sardines, the former is much smaller.

Anchovies nutrition fact # 3: They are low in Toxins

With their rather short life cycles, these fishes don’t accumulate as much toxin as compared to the bigger fishes. This means that harmful chemicals such as mercury are significantly reduced in smaller fish types. Eating anchovies, then, reduces the risk of getting a large dose of food contaminants.

Anchovies nutrition fact # 4: They’re your choice for a low-carb meal

Are you in a diet? The anchovy is one of the good foods that you should not stay away from especially when wanting to be fit. With a low sugar percent content, adding anchovies to a stash of Greek salad would create the perfect guilt-free meal for a low carb dieter.

Anchovies nutrition fact # 5: They’re full of vitamins and minerals

Packed with bone-forming Calcium, anchovies serve as a wonderful food source for growing children. Adults can also benefit from them for their blood pressure-lowering properties. Selenium with its cancer-preventive properties, is a trace element that can be found in anchovies. Niacin, which is also present in this type of fish, serves many important roles in digestion and cognitive functions.

Truly, these fishes are remarkable foods that should be considered as some of the mainstays on the fridge. The anchovies nutrition value is one of the examples of how small things can contribute a big help to mankind—well, in this case, our dear health.

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